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Diagnosis in Strategic Planning

With the Diagnosis in Strategic Planning, companies make decisions about how they are going to allocate their resources next year or in another period of time. It usually involves defining strategies, goals, indicating actions to achieve them and forecasting the necessary budget.

The lack of vision in the short, medium and long term can be a great risk for your company, since it lacks a north to guide your actions. To face this challenge, it is important that you know how to do Strategic Planning.

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About Strategy

Strategy is much more than setting goals: it is having a deep commitment to the desired future, since it will give a purpose to the work done by your company and it is the strategy that will also make people feel connected to the organization. .

Therefore, my great challenge is to consolidate a strategy that:

  • Make your company different from the others that exist in the market;

  • Bring a competitive advantage;

  • Evaluate a different way to engage with customers in such a competitive market.


When we talk about how to do a Strategic Planning, one of the first points is to identify which are the groups of people or entities that affect or are affected by the activities of your agency: the stakeholders.

For the construction of a good Strategic Planning, your company must identify its stakeholders, know their needs and expectations and, as far as possible, manage their influence to guarantee success.

Organizational Identity

Organizational Identity has 3 main pillars that make your agency unique:


It is the reason for the existence of a company.


It is what the company aspires to be.


Set of principles that guide the behavior and attitudes of people who seek to achieve the vision.

SWOT / SWOT / SWOT Analysis

Another important stage that must be present in the Strategic Planning of your agency is to do a SWOT Analysis.

This term comes from English and the acronym refers to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

From this study you will be able to focus on your strengths, recognize weaknesses, find opportunities and prevent  the threats.

Next step? Build the Strategy Map!

The ability to execute the strategy is more important than the strategy itself. (KAPLAN, 2001)

For the construction of the Strategic Map we suggest the Balanced Scorecard methodology, which is based on four main pillars:

Financial perspective

It deals with the profitability and productivity results of the company.

Market outlook

It refers to the value data that the company wants to deliver to customers, such as satisfaction, market share, customer return rate, etc.

Internal processes

It deals with the most varied internal performance indicators, such as the late delivery rate and cost reduction in production.


Its main indicators refer to the satisfaction, motivation, training and retention of the workforce, exchange of best practices, etc.


To help us define goals in a structured way, there is a method created by Peter Drucker, one of the big names in management. It is known as Theory of Management by Objectives or, as it is better known, SMART

This model is based on 5 pillars:

S - Specific / Specific

The goal necessarily needs to be specific, clear and without double interpretation.

M - Measurable / Measurable

We need to have indicators that allow us to know if we are walking towards the goals, and that allow us to measure our evolution at any moment.

A - Achievable / Achievable

Goals can and should be challenging, since that takes us out of our comfort zone and we can exceed our limits. However, they cannot be impossible to perform within the established period.

R - Relevant / Relevant

The goal needs to be totally related to the objective: it must help the objective to be achieved. In the event that there is any doubt in relation to that, it is an alert to review the goal.

T - Time-based / Timed

Having a deadline to execute our goals means that they do not stop being the focus of your actions. So even if you have a lot of time to reach them, define that time and take precautions to ensure that you will not exceed it.

Action plane

Once the objectives and goals have been defined, the next step is to get out of the world of ideas and put our hands in the dough.

For this, it is important to set up an action plan, that is, what will be done in practice to achieve what you are looking for.

Remember that an action plan can be composed of few or many actions, and that is not what will guarantee success, but rather the impact of those actions on goals and indicators.

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