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Commercial and Sales Diagnosis.

My Commercial Advisory service is a tool that will help you achieve the commercial objectives of your company. Through the Commercial Advisory, the commercial team is evaluated, qualified, motivated and optimized, improvement situations are considered and strategic actions are carried out, based on BSC management indicators to improve it, both in the work environment, as well as in the increase of sales indicators.


In this way, improvements are achieved in the profitability of the business, a more efficient and much more competitive sales team.

Sale Branding


  • Increase the volume of sales compared to the current average.

  • Improve the quality of the sales process of the commercial team.

  • Improve the capabilities and personal skills of the sales team, achieving a professional sales team.

  • Improve the level of customer satisfaction and achieve loyalty to them, providing added values.

  • Analyze the competition in their commercial strategies, and improving them.

  • Strengthen the links between customer and seller.

  • Improve the level of perception of the brand, in its current clients and its potential new clients.

  • Buying decisions are streamlined.

  • Improvement opportunities.


1 Stage of Induction and Information Gathering

  • Perform Evaluation.

  • Perform Diagnosis of the area.

  • Creation of Profiles

  • Competition analysis.

  • Measurement of the work environment.

2. Response Formulation Stage

  • Presentation of improvement strategies.

  • Creation of commercial management indicators based on CRM.

  • Presentation of the training program.

3.Strategy Execution Stage

  • Sales team training.

  • Headquarters team coaching.

  • Sales workshops courses.

  • Development of business skills.

  • Sales workshops courses.

  • Experiential business management workshop.

  • Courses Workshops on effective closings.

4. Continuous improvement stage

  • Appointment of commercial coordinators.

  • Training of those responsible for maintaining the sales plan.

  • Preparation of training role.

  • Contingency plan.



We want to help you grow and increase your sales. By hiring the service you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The bonds between customers and sellers are strengthened.

  • The level of perception of the brand in current customers and potential future customers is improved.

  • Buying decisions are streamlined.

  • Opportunities for improvement present themselves.

  • The sales team becomes more professional.

  • A highly competitive commercial team is achieved.

  • The commercial area masters sales and business closing techniques.

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