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Specialized Financial Diagnosis

My consultancy is focused on the Specialized Financial Diagnosis of SMEs, medium and large companies, it will help you interpret the financial results of your company, from the global approach to the detail of your strategic productive or operational business units, to define actions and strategies disruptive solutions that allow you to achieve your profit and profitability goals.

Analizando datos

The changes in the current economic environment within a globalized world in crisis due to the pandemic - have been evidenced in recent years -, leading to some companies reducing their profits, due to the greater interaction of the country with international markets, generating the loss of the control and balance of its business management.

Have you diagnosed your company in detail to know the causes and effects of its current situation?

The first symptom, of course, is the delay in the delivery of Financial Statements and / or the low credibility that the entrepreneur has about them.  Another situation that usually triggers an alert is the high delinquency shown by customers, low inventory turnover, delay in payment to suppliers, increase in credit lines, increase in the company's overall debt.


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It is an intensive five-day service, starting on a Monday at the client's offices at 9:00 a.m. and ending on a Thursday at 5:00 p.m.  And a last session of the Board of Directors on Friday at 2.00 pm to present the Final Management Report with the results, findings and recommendations of the Diagnosis.


All in one week.  80% face-to-face and 20% virtual.  Fully intensive.


Objectives of the Financial Diagnosis:


The investment is only justified for companies that are facing a financial crisis, that want to avoid it and / or that want to take their businesses to the next level of growth and the entrepreneur knows, by intuition, that the company has to be prepared for new challenges and opportunities to come.


These are the three main objectives:


  1. Determine if the Finance - Accounting Department is adding value,

  2. Determine if financial information is reliable and useful for decision making.

  3. Determine if the company is financially healthy, if it is obtaining the profits that it should generate and, something that the entrepreneur likes very much, determine what is being done with the money, why the profits are not in the checking accounts.


Every entrepreneur must have trusted people around him who "watch his back", the people from Finance and  Accounting are some of those people.  

The Specialized Financial Diagnosis is a service that can only be offered in face-to-face format in 80% and 20% virtual, it is also available if required for any country in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The rate applies the same for Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Costa Rica.  The price does not include airfare, lodging, travel expenses, transfers, etc.  The client who hires has to cover the previous additional expenses, apart from the initial payment at the time of contracting.

The hiring process is very simple:

  1. Fill out the form to which the quote is sent.

  2. With your data we will get in touch and we can define details of this service.

  3. Make the payment through PayPal (we will send you the invoice)

  4. When we receive the payment report I will contact you within two days, by mail and by phone to coordinate the dates and see all the details.

  5. Then I will send an email with all the information that will be required.

  6. I will present myself to the company on the Monday after payment at 9:00 am, that day we will have a first 4-hour shift, then the rest of the week I will work with the information that they give me, I will do interviews with the Accounting Area staff , but also people from other areas to better understand the company.

  7. On Friday at 2:00 pm we will have the board of directors to present the Final Management Report, it will be presented in a PDF document.  To this session the employer invites whoever he deems appropriate.

Clients who hire this service do so because they "feel" that the company is not doing well financially, because the information they receive is scarce, occasional, very backward or of very low quality.  

Why is this service necessary?

According to my managerial experience in different companies, I recommend a Financial Diagnosis to understand what exactly is happening in your company, to determine if your financial department and accounting area are made up of capable and competent people.  You need to know if you can trust the financial information you receive. You must, urgently, determine if your company is really financially healthy.

Why should you hire this consulting service?  

Because I have been in managerial positions for more than 15 years in different companies in the real, commercial, cooperative and legal sectors, accompanying and advising entrepreneurs in Colombia and because the growth of your company is the most important thing and because that growth has to be sustained and profitable in the time.

- Jorge Adam Pizarro, Teacher, Consultant and Lecturer.

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