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Decoración de interiores

Areas of expertise

Strategic Planning.

Online Strategic Planning courses allow you to broaden visions, evaluate scenarios from different perspectives, and analyze dangers, strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats.

I help clients to design, formulate, implement, execute and evaluate the correct strategy for their company.

Leadership and Decision Making.

Through these courses I help you develop the management skills and soft skills that your team needs to succeed and that they need in all areas of your company.


Developing technical skills such as sales or marketing and soft skills such as organizational leadership, adaptation to change, negotiation techniques, conflict resolution, etc.

Financial diagnosis.

My consulting is focused on the Financial Diagnosis of organizations, it will help you to interpret the financial results of your company, from the global approach to the detail of your productive or operational units, to define actions and strategies that allow you to achieve your profit objectives and profitability.

Business plan.

By taking the online course on Business Plan, you will be able to make a plan to have your own company, from the ground up, to achieve its success.

You will know how are the steps and processes for a company or organization to prosper, being able to carry out important projects within an existing company or create one from scratch. 

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Techniques.

This online course focuses on teaching negotiation techniques as a catalyst for adaptive changes and rapid transformations in today's world. In addition, the main variables that affect decision-making and changes within the organization will be identified and analyzed, considering coaching and negotiation schemes.

Likewise, the variables that most affect the proper management of the work groups will be promoted, paying attention to the models of development, diagnosis and organizational intervention.

Legal strategies to face the crisis.

In times of uncertainty, we can resort to various alternatives provided by the law to protect our businesses, our workers, and reduce our costs.

In this online course, the scope of the legal tools that will allow an effective management of the risks of these contexts will be analyzed with the entrepreneurs.

Legal Aspects of Digital Marketing.

In this online course, the scope of the legal tools that will allow an effective management of the risks of these contexts will be analyzed with the entrepreneurs.

In this online course you will learn about the different regulations, such as the rules for the protection of personal data, intellectual property and rules on advertising, which will allow the student to identify contingencies and risk areas associated with digital marketing.

Our Methodology for online courses:

During my experience as a teacher and lecturer in the field of specialized training, I have perfected our own study method: a methodology where teachers, experts and advisers accompany the student throughout the training process in a unique, technical and qualified way.


We integrate practice in the learning of each participant, in a collaborative environment, with real practical cases and connecting the vision of students from different parts of the world.



  • Updated content, easy to download and read.

  • Introductory explanatory videos, video tutorials and videos of practical cases that teach step by step the learning of specialized software.

  • Continuous access to webinars.

  • Multimedia content designed for easy monitoring. We have narrated modules to facilitate learning.

Interaction and networking

  • Consultation forums so that both teachers and students can participate in the creation of knowledge

  • Live sessions (classes), explanations of the topics seen and resolution of doubts for the realization of practical cases.

  • Collaboration in real time with your work team.

Educational monitoring

  • Personalized monitoring of the academic advisor.

  • Scheduled methodology for you to go online with the group.

  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation system.

My approach

From my experience as a teacher, lecturer, and consultant, the pandemic has posed enormous challenges to education. Generally, for teachers, the discussion focuses on technology; They say “from one day to the next the teachers have had to learn to use information and communication technologies  (ICTs) to transfer classroom practice to the screen ”. But, the challenge is much bigger than using Zoom or any other platform with students. Educating at a distance involves great psychological and emotional challenges. As never before has the need to attend to the emotional component in the educational process been put on the radar, recognizing that "you have to be well to work well", be it the work of the student or the teacher.


"Clicking" with students today in virtual education generates great emotional, cognitive and pedagogical challenges. These challenges are recurring in Virtual Education at this time.

My approach is a) Create a welcoming learning environment, b) Foster understanding and maintain attention, c) Promote active and collaborative learning, d) Assess learning.

Virtual education in the pandemic has generated the need to discover and iterate different ways of teaching that engage and generate motivation in students and workers.